Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 2

Oh the joys of being a get SNOW DAYS! To update yesterday's post, I have mustered up the energy to grade a couple of those papers, but by a couple I mean 3 or 4. Then Bailee started whining for mommy to hold her and I took a break. Whew!! It was tough getting those 3-4 graded...hehe

I did get myself out in the cold this morning to snap a few shots.
The ice was not as thick on the trees as I expected, but still made a pretty shot.
These are the "drooping" pines beside by house. For those of you who don't know, several years ago my dad decided he wanted to grow a Christmas tree farm...those desires ended shortly after the first year of trying to keep them alive, but they're very pretty and make a great privacy "fence" for my brother's front yard.
This is the mountain near my house. I call it Beverly Mountain because the former Beverly Enterprises now Golden Ventures building sits on the mountain.
I have made a harsh discovery about myself in the two days we've been off. I've had a lot of time to search other blogs and take note of the creativity that is out there and that I lack...I think I'll elaborate more on that in my next post...Stay tuned.


Mike said...

Good Photos!

Philip said...

Good job. That class really paid off for you.