Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yes, I'm a princess!!

Yes, that's my little Tim with princess glasses on. It was the only thing that would make her quit fussing at the moment. She's starting to develop a little bit of attitude. Who would think that a 4 month old could have attitude?

We decided it was time for Bailee to have a bike. She had a little hot wheel that she got for her birthday a couple of years ago, but it was time for a BIG girl bike. Of course, we had to have the Barbie helmet and pads. We would've had a Barbie or Princess bike,too, but it was sold out. DARN! We've not mastered the art of the bike yet, but I'm sure she'll be a pro by the end of summer.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm still here...

Tim was just asking me yesterday when I was going to update my blog. I didn't realize it had been 2 weeks since my last post! Where did the time go? I told him the reason I hadn't updated was because I didn't really have much to update. All I can really say is I'M EXHAUSTED! Elli's getting bigger, though. She's gonna be 4 months old on Monday! CRAZY...She's getting pretty good control of her head and she rolled from her belly to back twice. She HATES being on her belly, though, so I doubt she'll be doing any crawling by the time she's a year old...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

My big cheeser...

Bailee LOVES to have her picture taken...AND she loves to take pictures. I keep saying that she's gonna be my little photographer. Since it was such a nice day today, we went to out to a great spot and took a few pictures. I thought I'd share a few.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I've come a long way...

Just a short 3-4 months ago, I knew how to open the program Photoshop and that's about the extent of my capabilities. My great friend Leigh Ann has been my tutor for the last few months and has taught me everything I know. What would I do without her?? So to show off my newfound abilities, I've added Bailee's valentine's day cards. I'm proud of myself and trust me, if you saw how far I've come you'd be proud too.

Now it's time to make Elli some cards.