Friday, February 6, 2009

I've come a long way...

Just a short 3-4 months ago, I knew how to open the program Photoshop and that's about the extent of my capabilities. My great friend Leigh Ann has been my tutor for the last few months and has taught me everything I know. What would I do without her?? So to show off my newfound abilities, I've added Bailee's valentine's day cards. I'm proud of myself and trust me, if you saw how far I've come you'd be proud too.

Now it's time to make Elli some cards.

1 comment:

Leigh Ann said...

how cute is that! are you going to print them in 3x5 or wallet or what. I got Bryant's in today and they are not as cute as I wanted, but oh well. Bailee and Bryant will have some different ones anyway.