Monday, June 22, 2009

My BIG girl!!!

My little girl is getting so BIG! Bailee's birthday was yesterday, June 21st, but I would say she had a whole weekend of birthday celebrations! We started out Friday night with bowling (pic above). She'd been begging all week to go bowling, so that's what we did.

Saturday was Chuck E Cheese day! Even though it wasn't a birthday party, it's kind of become a tradition to go there for a "pre-party"...Grandparents, cousins...everyone joined in on this one. Together we all raised 2,058 tickets to use towards a prize. She ended up with a Disney DVD Pictionary game. It's pretty cool!

Sunday was the REAL party. We rented a blow up slide that we converted into a water slide. She had quite a few friends join in and they HAD A BLAST! Elli even seemed to have a good time, although she didn't participate in the water festivities. Thanks to all who came and played. Bailee LOVES her princesses/Barbies. I think we have enough Barbie dolls to keep a small village engaged.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The most boring vacation EVER!!!!

This past weekend we left for Boxley, AR...Don't know where that is? Well, neither did I until we got there. Boxley is, well, "the middle of nowhere", AR. Somewhere in the north central part of the state. That's about as good of a directional description that I can give you. Tim found this cozy little cabin on the internet located there that has...wait for it...ELK! He enjoyed the fishing and elk sightings, Bailee enjoyed the swimming in the Buffalo river, and I enjoyed a brief trip to Eureka Springs. We didn't get to walk around downtown Eukeka very long because of rain, but I did get to go into a cool glass art shop. They had artwork of blown glass, which is what my family used to do back before I was born--hence why I live on Glass Plant Road-- so I thought this little store was very interesting. Expensive, but interesting. I also got to see some hippies. No trip to Eureka Springs is complete without seeing hippies.

Now my kind of vacation involves a LOT of action. I'm more of an amusement park kind of girl. You know, the kind where you need a vacation after your vacation...Yeah, I'm a little crazy. He still loves me anyway. Here are some of the highlights of the trip!

The women's bathroom at the now defunct Cave Mountain Church

Bailee after taking a dip in the Buffalo River

I just thought this picture was really cool. Taken in Jasper, AR.

Elli enjoying a lemon

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

AHHH Summertime!!

So far our summer has been full of swimming lessons and swimming...Elli even took a dip today for the first time. I didn't get a shot of her swimming since I was the one in the water with her. She seemed to enjoy it, though you wouldn't predict it from looking at her picture at the bottom.

Bailee and Mr Bullock(her swimming coach)

This picture cracks me up...It's indicative of our day right around nap times.

Monday, June 1, 2009

2 weeks of updates...

SCHOOL IS FINALLY OUT! So that means I have some free time to update this thing. It seems like I've gone non-stop for at least the past 2 weeks...There was prom, doctor appointments, graduation, doctor appointments, gymnastics...oh and doctor appointments! I think I've been to the pediatrician every week for the past month. First, Elli had ear infections (each ear), then the following week Bailee had ear infections. The next week we went BACK to the doctor to check Elli's ears (they cleared up for the most part). The next week we would've been at the doctor, but he called in a prescription without making us come in...And now we were back today...ANOTHER SET OF EAR INFECTIONS FOR ELLI! Poor thing...
For Memorial Day this year, we took a camping trip with Dad, Annette, Gary, Elaine, Brooke, Terry, and our family. We had a nice relaxing time (except for the all day downpour that Sunday turned out to be). Bailee got to catch her first fish with her fishing pole. She turning out be more brave around the bugs and worms than I thought she would be. I'm sure that will all end when 13 hits... Elli even enjoyed herself.
We've reached a few milestones. Elli is now able to feed herself puffs, crackers, and anything else I'm brave enough to set in front of her. If you know me, you know that I have a choaking fear. Tim's always making fun of me for it. I'm doing better, though.

The last day of school meant a water party for Bailee at school. She's sporting her new bathing suit she picked out. I was SHOCKED that she picked out a one piece since she was so crazy about her "bra" last year with her 2 piece...