Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The most boring vacation EVER!!!!

This past weekend we left for Boxley, AR...Don't know where that is? Well, neither did I until we got there. Boxley is, well, "the middle of nowhere", AR. Somewhere in the north central part of the state. That's about as good of a directional description that I can give you. Tim found this cozy little cabin on the internet located there that has...wait for it...ELK! He enjoyed the fishing and elk sightings, Bailee enjoyed the swimming in the Buffalo river, and I enjoyed a brief trip to Eureka Springs. We didn't get to walk around downtown Eukeka very long because of rain, but I did get to go into a cool glass art shop. They had artwork of blown glass, which is what my family used to do back before I was born--hence why I live on Glass Plant Road-- so I thought this little store was very interesting. Expensive, but interesting. I also got to see some hippies. No trip to Eureka Springs is complete without seeing hippies.

Now my kind of vacation involves a LOT of action. I'm more of an amusement park kind of girl. You know, the kind where you need a vacation after your vacation...Yeah, I'm a little crazy. He still loves me anyway. Here are some of the highlights of the trip!

The women's bathroom at the now defunct Cave Mountain Church

Bailee after taking a dip in the Buffalo River

I just thought this picture was really cool. Taken in Jasper, AR.

Elli enjoying a lemon

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Jackie said...

Cute! This sounds like my kind of vacation, Aimee, but I'll think of you when we do the amusement park thing later this month.:o)