Monday, June 22, 2009

My BIG girl!!!

My little girl is getting so BIG! Bailee's birthday was yesterday, June 21st, but I would say she had a whole weekend of birthday celebrations! We started out Friday night with bowling (pic above). She'd been begging all week to go bowling, so that's what we did.

Saturday was Chuck E Cheese day! Even though it wasn't a birthday party, it's kind of become a tradition to go there for a "pre-party"...Grandparents, cousins...everyone joined in on this one. Together we all raised 2,058 tickets to use towards a prize. She ended up with a Disney DVD Pictionary game. It's pretty cool!

Sunday was the REAL party. We rented a blow up slide that we converted into a water slide. She had quite a few friends join in and they HAD A BLAST! Elli even seemed to have a good time, although she didn't participate in the water festivities. Thanks to all who came and played. Bailee LOVES her princesses/Barbies. I think we have enough Barbie dolls to keep a small village engaged.

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Philip said...

I just love Chuck E Cheese Day!!!