Friday, August 28, 2009


Today Bailee informed me that she could spell Dog and Cat... It went a little like this.

Me: How do you spell dog?

Bailee: "D-G-O...No wait...D-O-G"

Me: Ok spell Cat

Bailee: "C-A-T"

She's so smart. Should a barely 4 year old be able to do this? Somebody tell me.

Friday, August 14, 2009

4 going on 14...

This is my conversation with Bailee last night

Bailee: Mommy, I want to go outside and play softball.

Me: Ok. Just a minute. Let me write out these bills. (I'm in the kitchen at this point)

Bailee: But I want to go outside.

Me: Just give me a MINUTE!

2 minutes later I head to the computer to pay the online bills...

Bailee: MOM, I WANT to go outside and play softball!

Me: Bailee, just give me a minute! As soon as I'm finished we'll go outside.

Bailee: (Deep sigh) Oh Mommy, you are SO silly... I wish you would make up your mind!

I was able to hold in the laughter... But it was tough.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


For any of you who regularly check my blog~ I'm sorry! It's been an ETERNITY since I wrote on here last. Lots of things going on.

That's what the inside of my baby girl's ears look like.... Elli got her tubes in on Tuesday. I have noticed that she takes better naps already. Unfortunately, her attitude remains the same. Sigh...Apparently the attitude was unrelated to the ear infections. DARN! So the screaming-because-I'm-not-getting-what-I-want-right-now attitude remains.

On another note, she also got her 9 month checkup the day she had her pre-op evaluation...

Elli's stats at 9 months:

Height-29 in (95th percentile)
Weight-19lbs 12 oz

The doctor says that if she stays on the height curve that she's on now, she will be taller than Tim ....So for a girl, that's pretty darn tall. We've already determined that she will be our basketball player, while Bailee is gonna be our cheerleader. Her weight hasn't changed much since I took her to the doctor back in the beginning of July, which kinda surprised me...Then I started thinking~This girl hasn't stopped moving since the beginning of July when she learned how to crawl. No WONDER she's maintaining! She never stops!

Next week, Elli will be moving up to the "older infant" group (aka growing up)...It was a little bitter sweet getting the letter that told me that. I'm sad that she'll be moving out of her baby room. It also means that she will have to start wearing shoes. HA! I put shoes on her the other day to try to test it out...They stayed on all of 30 seconds. She figured out REALLY quick how to get those bad boys off of there!

Bailee is going to be starting back in gymnastics next week. She took the month of July off because I was in neverending professional development, but that's over now. I can't believe the summer is coming to an end! Bailee learned this summer that she likes to tube (funny, Elli gets tubes, Bailee rides them)

She's a "sand mermaid"

Just goofy!

I can't believe that this girl has only 1 MORE YEAR until she starts Kindergarten....Doesn't seem like that's right. Where did those 4 years go?