Friday, April 3, 2009

My little gymnast...

Bailee started gymnastics this week. I was afraid that when we got there her stage fright would kick in and she wouldn't go out on the floor...but she did with ease. She was so excited about "nastics" that it was all she talked about for days leading up to it and then, of course, we had to wear the leotard to Grandpa and Neena's house to show it off.

This was the "flip bar", but she wasn't too sure about it.
Hopefully, she'll get brave and flip one day.

Warm up circle...It was hilarious watching her interact with people/kids she didn't know.
This picture obviously has nothing to do with gymnastics, but I had to put Jacob's picture on here from earlier this week. On the days when its warm outside after we get home from school, Bailee wants to go out and ride her bike and play...Jacob came over the other day and wanted to ride, too. You may not be able to see it very well, but he's wearing Bailee's Barbie helmet...I'm sure his Daddy is SO proud. This will be one for the yearbook his senior year!


Jade said...

She is getting so big and grown up!

Glenda said...

Your blog and pics remind me so much of my little granddaughter Abby, who loves gymnastics. Since they live far away from us, it was a treat to get to watch her when we visited. I know your little one is the cutest in her leotard. You have beautiful children.

Robyn said...

How cute is she! I'm sure you were so proud!