Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Half Birthday to Elli!

Yesterday was Elli's Half Birthday..YEP, she's already 6 months old. Tim tried to get some shots of her in the morning, but we were interfering with her "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" time. It's the daily(weekday)_routine to get up the kids around 6:25am so they can watch the show at 6:30. It was first Bailee's favorite, but we started to notice that Elli was drawn to the TV when she heard Mickey's voice.
In the first picture she's laughing at something that happened on the show...Here's the progression...

"(Cute giggle)...That Mickey is SO silly"

"Um..Excuse me...It's hard to watch this show when you're flashing that thing in my face..."

"Ok, Dad... Seriously, can you put that thing away?"

I'm sure if she could talk, that's exactly what she'd be saying. We sang "Happy Half Birthday to you" and then went off to school. Such a cutie!


Jade said...

I can't beleive that she is already 6 months old. They are growing up so fast. I love the look she is giving Tim. Priceless.

Robyn said...

So precious! We are big Mickey fans over here, too :)

Jackie said...

This is too cute!