Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Things I forgot I forgot...

Tomorrow marks Elli's 2 weeks of life and I must say she's been a very good baby. Still yet, she is a baby and, of course, in need plenty of attention. I started thinking back to when Bailee was this age to try to remember if life was this way with her. I think as a mother, or at least with me, our brains tune out all the moments that are the "hard times". Here are the things are forgot I forgot:

1. Late night feedings that seem to come every hour.
2. Actually being able to function the next day after being up all night.
3. Changing a diaper and then 2 seconds later changing it again.
4. Getting peed on.
5. The little smiles that you get (even though you know it's probably just gas)

I'm amazed at how much energy I have during the day, but how fast it gets zapped once the sun goes down. It's all worth it, though!

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