Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

This is our tree. Every year when I pull it out of storage and start to set it up, I think "oh how pitiful!" It kinda reminds me of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree because of all the gaps that are in it. I don't know if you can really see it, but I can. Now that we're in the new house with a taller ceiling, we'll be able to get a larger, fuller tree for next year and years to come. This year during the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE I'll be on a mission to find a nice tree. I guess I should start asking for Christmas ornaments as a gift so that we can have more to put on it.

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and Happy Day After Thanksgiving Shopping to all!!!


Philip said...

Looks fine to me. We had a huge tree where we used to live, but the ceilings are lower at our new house where we have to put our tree. We had to buy a smaller one. I think we sold the one we had.

Mike said...

Your tree looks nice! I remember several years ago We bought this huge 9 foot monster tree to put up. I think I made it "dissapear" after a couple years of wrestling with it.
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