Thursday, December 2, 2010

What's new??!!

Well, a lot! Since I've been so neglectful with this blog, Tim has hit the BIG 3-0 (I'm staying 29, so there's no need to discuss that..) We had plans to go visit Tim's grandparents for his B-day weekend, but Elli got sick so we all just stayed home. I had already made plans to throw Tim a surprise party at his grandparents' house when he came home from hunting, but since that didn't happen I had to put together an impromptu party at the house. Thankfully, Tim and Bailee cooperated with my secret mission and went to church that morning so I could decorate and get people to the house. This is the face of one surprised 30 year old! It was GREAT!

In other news, Elli is growing like a weed and this is what we can FINALLY do to her hair!!

Big Girl Bailee is learning SOOO much in Kindergarden! She's starting to read little books and is really getting into it. She and I put up our Christmas tree while Tim and Elli were....well, out, I guess. I don't really remember where they were.
And finally, Bailee got 3rd place in her FIRST SCIENCE FAIR! We were sooo proud. Of course, she had a LOT of help from mom and dad...But I guess 2 other kids had MORE help from their parents and beat her. BUT we've got next year!!!
I'll try to be better, but I can't make false promises...We'll see.

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