Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bailee's Safari Pictures

This past weekend, Bailee had her first sleepover at a friends house. She stayed the night with her best friend Carlee. The next day, they went to the Safari in Gentry. Bailee took some pictures with her Fisher Price camera. They turned out surprisingly well. Here are a few pictures Bailee and Carlee took with Bailee's descriptions:

Bailee: "That's a big trippin' stick."

Bailee: "That's me. You know me. Do you see me talking to me? That's what your doing. You're talking to me. I looked at the camera and Carlee took the picture of me."

Bailee: "That's Carlee. She looked at the camera and smiled to me and I took the picture."

Bailee: "That's a silly goat. It tried to pull my pants down."

Bailee: "That's a monkey. He stuck his tongue out at me and Carlee."

Bailee: "That's a kangaroo. It didn't try to did anything to me. It just laid there and looked at me and stared at me."

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Cary said...

Oh to see things through a child's eyes.