Friday, January 1, 2010

I know how this looks...

It looks like we've all been drinking, but all we were drinking was Mt Dew and Tea. Our New Year's Eve began with the 1st annual NYE Wii Bowling Tournament. There was even a trophy to be won! After 3 hours of play, Tim came away with the victory! It's not just ANY trophy...It's an add-something-to-it-and-bring-it-back-next-year trophy. You'll notice the mini bowling ball on the base of it. I looked for the ugliest thing I could find to be the trophy and I think I succeeded. Now we will proudly display it on our shelf until next year.

Following the tournament, we played a new game called Quelf. This is no game for the shy and easily embarrassed! This game makes you do crazy, goofy, off-the-wall things or pay a penalty. Silly things like "put ice down your pants until your next turn", "mummify yourself until someone rolls a 4", "dance with the player to your left until the timer runs out"....Good times!

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