Thursday, May 14, 2009


Tuesday of this week I was informed of a colleague of mine that had to have his appendix removed. I was all very sudden, as I'm sure most appendectomies are. So Wednesday I go by the hospital after work to see him as he's waiting for some biopsy results to come back. Now I've still got my appendix, so I'm unaware of the symptoms personally. I only know what I've heard. He explained to me what all had happened leading up to the trip to the ER in the wee hours of the morning. Pretty painful stuff!

Fast forward about 12 hours...It's 4:17 am this morning...Tim gets up and then comes back to bed...5 minutes later he gets back up again. This time I hear a little groan...'What's wrong?', I ask....'I don't know. My stomach hurts right here(pointing to his lower right side).'...So instantly I'm replaying Jeff's (my colleague) story in my head with the symptoms that he had. After quizzing Tim on his symptoms, I decided VERY QUICKLY that we needed to head to the hospital. Of course, he doesn't want to go, but it took him about 5 more minutes of pain to change his mind. So ...longer story shorter...We(Tim) had an appendectomy today and is laying in a bed just one hall over from Jeff's. WEIRD! He's doing fine, by the way. I think he might get to come home tomorrow.

Moral of this story....With my AWESOME diagnostic skills, I should've been a doctor or something! HA


Robyn said...

You're such a good wife! I probably would have told Ryan to take some Aleve :)

Jade said...

Wow!! Tell Tim that we are thinking of him and hope he feels better soon. You are an aweome diagnoser!

Philip said...

Wow...deja vu all over again. We will be praying for you guys!