Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kissinger Wedding

Today Bailee was the flower girl in Ashley and Ryan's wedding. It was a very pretty fall wedding with perfect weather. They had a fall theme, also, so Bailee got to throw leaves on the ground instead of flowers. I was a little nervous as to whether or not she would go through with it, since she does get a little stage fright. Since I was serving as Wedding Coordinator, I thought it may be a little easier to give her directions and pump her up just before playing her part. So when the time came, we stood at the end of the aisle and I gave her the direction to go and she FROZE~But just for a minute. She threw one leaf on the ground and then instructed the audience to "look the other way" in order for her to be able to do her job. Once everyone stopped looking at her, she proceeded down the aisle and did a wonderful job. She is definitely not an attention hog. She hates for people to focus on her. She looked so beautiful, though. I didn't get any pictures of the Bride, since I was busy coordinating, but I thought I would show you my little girl. Isn't she precious?

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Philip said...

I know you are proud of Bailee! You are right. She looks precious.