Sunday, September 21, 2008

Name sad.

I realized this weekend that Tim and I have reached a new place in our "parenthood" lives. We were moving to our new house this weekend and Bailee was a little less that cooperative at times. We had a few yelling matches and on more than one occasion I heard Bailee say "MOM!"...not Mommy..not Momma..NOPE it was just MOM. I guess I'm ok with that, but the cute little "mommy" name I used to have has been upgraded. Tim was also referred to as "DAD" at times instead of "Daddy". That must be the first sign that this new baby is coming at just the right time, so we can hear "mommy" and "daddy" again for just a little while.


Robyn said...'re it. Check my last post :)

Philip said...

The "Caker" is now calling me "DaDa."